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Bardonecchia, situated at 1,312m, is a charming Italian resort with lively atmosphere and exceptional skiing conditions. The resort, which hosted the snowboarding events during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, offers a wide array of ski runs catering to all levels – from beginners to experts.

Bardonecchia Ski Area

The ski area in Bardonecchia is composed of three main sectors; Jafferau, Melezet and Campo Smith, all easily accessible from the town centre. The ski area in Bardonecchia is home to 100 runs, of which 37% are green, 30% blue, 20% red and 13% black, providing a wide range of difficulty levels for all skiers.

Beginner Skiing in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is a beginner-friendly resort, providing plenty of nursery slopes and gentle runs ideal for those new to the sport. There are two main beginner areas at Campo Smith, where the wide, open slopes provide the ideal environment for learning. Once you’ve gained some confidence, you can progress to the green runs at Melezet.

Intermediate Skiing in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is a paradise for intermediate skiers, with an abundance of blue and red runs for skiers looking to challenge themselves. The Melezet sector, with its wide, tree-lined blue and red runs, is a great choice for intermediate skiers. For those seeking more of a challenge, the red runs at Jafferau offer a more demanding terrain. One of the best runs in this area for intermediate skiers is the Olympic run, a challenging red run that was used for the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics.

Advanced Skiing in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is an excellent resort for advanced skiers, offering a good selection of black runs and off-piste opportunities. The Jafferau area has some challenging black runs, with the Norge run standing out due to its steep incline and technical demands. If you’re looking for a thrilling mogul field, the Olimpica run is not to be missed!

Off-piste Skiing in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia provides excellent off-piste skiing opportunities, particularly in the Jafferau area. The Vallon Cros is a popular off-piste route, accessible from the top of the Jafferau lift and offering a thrilling descent. Always remember, if you’re planning on venturing off-piste, it’s advisable to hire a local guide or instructor to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is home to one of the best snowparks in Europe, the Bardonecchia Snowpark. This was the venue for the snowboarding events during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics. The snowpark covers two areas – the Melezet and the Jafferau, providing a total of 50,000 square metres of freestyle area.


In conclusion, Bardonecchia is a versatile ski resort that caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate skier looking to challenge yourself, or an expert skier looking for some thrilling off-piste action, Bardonecchia has something for everyone.