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Aprica, an Italian gem in Lombardy, is a ski resort known for its sunny disposition, family-friendly atmosphere and accessible ski terrain. Located at 1,181m and reaching up to 2,261m, Aprica offers a total skiable terrain of 50km, making it an ideal destination for a relaxed skiing holiday. The resort is part of the Alta Valtellina ski area, providing further opportunities for exploration. With its reliable snowfall and stunning Alpine scenery, Aprica is a captivating choice for skiing enthusiasts.

Aprica Ski Area

The ski area in Aprica is divided into two main sections: Baradello and Magnolta, both of which are accessible directly from the town. The ski area comprises 50km of slopes, offering 13% green, 55% blue, 25% red and 7% black runs. This well-balanced mix of slopes caters to all skiing abilities and ensures a satisfying skiing experience for everyone.

Beginner Skiing in Aprica

Aprica is an excellent choice for beginners, with a number of gentle slopes and wide, unhurried runs ideal for learning and gaining confidence. The resort has two main nursery slopes in the town, one at Baradello and another at Magnolta. Once beginners feel ready to move beyond the nursery slopes, there are several gentle green and blue runs to explore. The Palabione area offers a great selection of easy runs and is a perfect next step for beginners. Aprica’s instructors are known for their patience and expertise, providing beginners with a safe and enjoyable introduction to skiing.

Intermediate Skiing in Aprica

Aprica provides a delightful playground for intermediate skiers with an abundance of blue and red slopes. The Magnolta area is particularly suited for intermediate skiers, offering a variety of slopes with moderate inclines and scenic views. The red runs of Baradello, such as the Piff-Paff and the Elga runs, provide a good challenge for intermediates wanting to push their limits. The resort also offers the Campo Carlo Magno run, a delightful 6km long blue piste, perfect for a leisurely descent amidst breathtaking Alpine scenery.

Advanced Skiing in Aprica

While Aprica is not primarily known for its advanced skiing, it still offers several challenging black runs for those seeking an adrenaline rush. The most notable among these is the Canalino run in the Baradello area, with a steep incline and often icy conditions, it offers a thrilling experience for seasoned skiers. There’s also the demanding Elga run that, although classified as a red run, provides a considerable challenge due to its length and varying steepness.

Off-piste Skiing in Aprica

While off-piste skiing is somewhat limited in Aprica, there are still a few areas where experienced skiers can venture off the groomed slopes. The area around Baradello has a few off-piste routes that are worth exploring, but remember to always ski off-piste responsibly and preferably with a local guide who knows the terrain and weather conditions.


Aprica is a charming ski resort that offers a relaxed and enjoyable skiing experience for all abilities. While it may not have the high-octane skiing of some larger resorts, it more than makes up for it with its friendly atmosphere, beautiful scenery and well-maintained slopes. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on the snow or an intermediate skier looking to refine your skills, Aprica has something to offer. For those seeking a peaceful ski holiday without the crowds, Aprica is a delightful choice. For more information on skiing in Aprica, or to book ski lessons with local instructors, visit Maison Sport today.