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Adelboden, perched at an altitude of 1,350m, is a charming Swiss resort that forms part of the Adelboden-Lenk ski area. This expansive ski area boasts a whopping 210km of skiable terrain and is renowned for its consistent snowfall and brilliant skiing conditions. With its own glacier – Engstligenalp, which permits skiing throughout the year and reaches up to 2,362m, Adelboden promises striking views across the Engstligen Valley.

With a comprehensive and efficient lift system and connection to the neighbouring resort of Lenk, there’s a wealth of terrain to discover. Perfectly suited for intermediate and advanced skiers, Adelboden offers exciting runs and off-piste skiing, along with ample beginner-friendly zones.

Adelboden Ski Area

The ski area in Adelboden is comprised of several key areas; Sillerenbühl and Tschentenalp, both directly accessible from the town centre, and Engstligenalp, which is reachable from the village of Unter dem Birg. The ski area in Adelboden consists of 84 runs, of which 20% are blue, 60% red, and 20% black.

Beginner Skiing in Adelboden

While generally known as a resort for intermediate and advanced skiers, Adelboden has numerous excellent beginner slopes and broad, forgiving runs. The superb snow conditions are ideal for beginners, and there are two principal beginner slopes, one at the base of Tschentenalp and another at the top of Sillerenbühl. Once beyond the beginner slopes, there are designated beginner areas to explore, such as the blue runs at Geils. The easier runs in Adelboden are at higher altitudes, with pistes becoming progressively challenging as you ski back to the resort. It’s advisable to take the lifts back if you’re still gaining confidence. Adelboden has superb ski instructors who guide beginners to the best areas for their level, aiding them to rapidly enhance their skiing technique.

Intermediate Skiing in Adelboden

Adelboden is a fantastic resort for intermediate skiers eager to challenge themselves and improve their skills. With plenty of red runs to explore, intermediate skiers will have a myriad of options. The Sillerenbühl area is a great spot for lower-intermediate skiers, with plenty of wide, rolling red runs. Advanced intermediate skiers should head to Tschentenalp and ski down to Adelboden. A favourite run in this area for intermediate skiers is the Chuenisbärgli. Despite its complicated name, this thrilling red run is actually a famous World Cup slalom course and is a great achievement to add to your list!

Advanced Skiing in Adelboden

Adelboden is renowned as an exceptional resort for advanced skiers. With roughly 20% of runs in the resort being black, there’s plenty of demanding terrain to explore. One of the most famous runs in Adelboden is the Lavey run, a challenging black run that descends from the top of the Lavey lift. For an even more challenging run, head to the black run from Luegli. This long, ungroomed mogul descent will undoubtedly get your heart pumping and legs burning!

Off-piste Skiing in Adelboden

Adelboden is a haven for advanced skiers, offering some of the best lift-served off-piste skiing in Switzerland. From steep chutes to snowy bowls, there’s plenty of off-piste terrain to explore. The Hahnenmoos Pass area is a popular off-piste area for experienced skiers, offering a variety of thrilling descents. If venturing off-piste, it’s essential to book a local guide or instructor equipped with the skills and knowledge required to keep you safe.

Book Ski Lessons in Adelboden with Maison Sport

Regardless of your ability, Adelboden has something for every type of skier. To maximise your trip, we recommend booking an instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your skill level and enhance your experience on the slopes!


Adelboden offers a blend of Swiss charm, varied terrain, and consistent snow, making it a top choice for skiers of all abilities. Its wide array of runs, impressive off-piste opportunities, and high-quality instruction make it a destination worth considering for your next ski holiday.