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1. Better technique means fresher legs -  having a bad technique leads to you getting tired far quicker, and we all know skiing with tired legs is never great for enjoying the slopes!

2. No lift queues -  In France ski instructors have a special queue that they use to skip to the front on busy days, often saving upwards of an hour of queueing over the course of the day.

3. Never get lost -  Instructors know the mountain inside out, so if there is meant to be bad weather make sure you have your instructor booked in.

4. Great company! -  Skiing on your own is nowhere near as fun as skiing with someone else, ski instructors have plenty of local knowledge, gossip and make a great lunch date.

5. Find the best snow -  Skiing on the mountain all day every day means instructors know where the best snow conditions are. Don’t ski on ice all week when you could be skiing perfectly groomed pistes, or untouched powder!

6. Struggling with your skis? -  Getting an honest and informed opinion on your equipment can be difficult, benefit from an instructor’s advice on what will work best for you, simply changing your skis or boots can make all the difference.

7. Learn about the mountain -  Spending plenty of time in the mountains means instructors have a fantastic knowledge of their surroundings, they love to pass this on and will always have time for the complete enthusiast.

8. Progress at your own rate – When being taught by a private ski or snowboard instructor, you progress at your own rate, not the rate of others in your ski school class. This means if you are progressing fast, your instructor might decide to take you off-piste, alternatively, if you are struggling to find your way, your instructor can help guide you and build your confidence up.