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You set your own pricing

You have 100% control of what you charge. In your user area you can set your pricing by the hour and by the day, you can then tailor this up or down depending on the day or the week.

You wear your own kit

There are no rules surrounding what you can and can’t wear, its up to you!

You only pay 3% commission

Maison Sport only takes 3% commission on each booking. On average Ski Schools take 37.5% of the total lesson cost, so as an independent instructor on Maison Sport you could do over 30% less work and still earn the same as you would at a ski school! As an example, that means 320 ‘independent’ hours are equal to about 500 ‘ski school’ hours!

You might think, wait a minute I still need to sell 320 hours worth of lessons each winter to earn the same as I do at a ski school, but thanks to the “peak weeks” it’s not as big a challenge as you think. During these peak weeks you can run group lessons, earning well over €100 per hour or you can increase your standard pricing for private lessons during these periods. Many independent instructors and small ski schools are charging up to €700 a day for private lessons during February half term for example.

You choose what bookings you want to take

Working for yourself means you can choose when you want to work and which bookings you would like to accept, an option that isn’t available when working for a ski school. You may prefer to teach children or only really enjoy teaching and guiding accomplished adult skiers.

When working for a ski school you generally know very little about your planning until the Saturday or Sunday each week, making it hard to plan ahead. Being in charge of your own schedule allows you to plan your lessons in advance, instead of everything being last minute!

ok, if it’s not urgent it may have to wait till tomorrow/later in the week, but will call if i have moment today

Sign up takes 2 minutes

By signing up to Maison Sport you are still an independent instructor, it is free to sign up, you just need to go through the signup flow on the website.

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