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Break away from your usual New Year’s resolutions with these 5 ski-related goals…

Time to get ski-fit!

With many making fitness-related resolutions in the New Year, why not focus your efforts towards your next trip to the slopes! Perform workouts that target the muscle groups in your lower body and core to get yourself ready for the mountains. Check out this blog for more inspiration!


Book yourself a lesson

Regardless of your level, taking a lesson with a highly qualified ski or snowboarding instructor will be sure to benefit your performance. Whether you’d like to learn a new skill, improve your technique or simply would like a tour guide to show you the best spots on the mountain, a ski or snowboard lesson is the perfect activity for both novices and more experienced mountain goers. On Maison Sport it’s simple to learn about the available instructors and you can even check their reviews and send them a message prior to booking your lessons so you can be sure they are the perfect fit for you! Click here to browse available instructors in the resort of your choice now.

Try a new discipline!

You may have ventured to the mountains many times before but only have tried one discipline. Use the New Year to try a new discipline. On Maison Sport we now offer 11 different disciplines including skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross country, ski touring, off-piste guiding and sit ski to name a few. Step out of your comfort zone and take up something new, even just for one day of fun!

Visit a new resort

If you find yourself consistently going back to the same resort time and time again, take yourself somewhere new this year. With thousands of ski resorts in Europe you have a massive selection of resorts to choose from. We have written about a few ‘hidden gem’ ski resorts that you may not have heard of before in this blog here. Think less overcrowding, shorter queues at the lifts, and more reasonable pricing. You will find our fantastic independent instructors operating across a huge range of European ski resorts- both large and small alike.

Earn your turns!

The closure of ski lifts during the pandemic saw a huge rise in backcountry ski touring, involving using specialist equipment to ‘walk’ uphill, before riding untouched snow back down the mountain. This can seem daunting at first, but think of the social uphill climbs, panoramic views and untouched descents. You will see ski touring as an option when you book your lessons and you will be able to choose an instructor who can show you the ropes! You will be able to speak to your instructor in advance of the lesson so they will be able to set you up with the right touring gear and safety equipment ready to try your next challenge. Click here for an introduction to Ski Touring.


It’s time to jump into 2023 with some exciting new adventures.

The Independent Instructors on Maison Sport are Waiting for You!