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1. Home ski-specific fitness – Check out our ski fitness tips blog post here to find some great legs and core exercises you can do at home (no equipment needed!)

2. Favourite ski books – Time spent at home offers a great opportunity to sit with a cup of tea and a good book. Our favourite reads are:

  • ​​‘Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits’ by Kit DesLauiers
  • ‘White Planet: A Mad Dash through Modern Global Ski Culture’ by Leslie Anthony
  • ‘Freedom Found: My Life Story’ by Warren Miller
  • ‘The God of skiing’ by Peter Kray
  • ‘Jacobs Adventures’ by Nick Robinson (great for kids!)

3. Watch ‘how to’ Youtube videos – Youtube is a great way to watch ‘how-to’ videos on skiing and snowboarding. Simply type in a specific skill or question you might have, and see hundreds of videos – ‘Stomp It tutorials’ is one of our favourites!

4. Watch Ski Sunday episodes – Already missing the slopes? Why not re-watch some of the highlights of the past season with some Ski Sunday episodes, available on BBC iplayer here.

5. Recreate Graham Bell’s skiing at home video – Not for the faint-hearted (or anyone who is worried about breaking a bone!). Graham Bell recently shared a video of one of his toughest downhills to date – a run from his attic to his kitchen. Have a watch (and a giggle) here.

6. Ski machine – You’ve probably seen on social media the many different ways people are trying to recreate the sensation of skiing in their living rooms (see our point above!) However, there is another option – buying a ski machine! Skier’s Edge is a lateral cross-trainer that mimics the feeling of turning on skis. From recreational athletes to professionals, anyone can dramatically increase their performance on and off the slopes.

7. Wear your ski boots to keep them comfy – It might look a bit silly to be sat at home in front of the telly in your ski boots, however, this is a great way to keep them soft and nimble. We recommend wearing them at least once a month, to ensure come winter you have comfy boots to put on.

8. Learn how to sharpen your skis – Learn how to maintain your ski’s edge with online tutorials. Skimag offers a great step by step process here.

9. Order new ski gear – As it is the end of the season, many ski gear outlets are offering a spring sale. Which makes it the best time of year to purchase new ski and snowboarding gear!

10. Plan your next holiday (even if you don’t book your lessons yet) – The earlier you start planning your next ski or snowboarding holiday the better! Whether this is your first ski holiday or your 10th, making sure you get your ski or snowboard lessons booked in time can make or break your trip. Check out our blog post here to find out our top tips on when to book ski lessons.