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Heading to the mountains for a holiday is always a good idea and learning a new sport is very exciting. There are hundreds of reasons why you should book a ski or snowboard instructor when you’re out on the slopes, some are quite obvious and others you might not know about. Whether you are skiing for the first time ever or you’re a veteran of the slopes, here are 10 reasons you should book an instructor on your next holiday.

Better Technique Means Fresher Legs 

Whether you’ve been skiing for a long time or are just getting started, you’ve probably had days when you feel you’re skiing badly and your legs are killing! An instructor will be able to provide you with technical tips that will help you tackle the slopes with greater confidence and no doubt make it easier on your leg muscles!

No Lift Queues 

This definitely caught your attention right? Turns out that most instructors have access to a special queue that they can use to skip a long lift line if it’s too busy, often saving upwards of an hour of queueing over the course of the day.

Get to Know the Resort Like a Local

Big resorts can be complicated to navigate and you might even end up getting lost up there and find yourself at the top of a black piste which you are not ready for. Booking a few hours with an instructor can be great if you want to get to know the resort and avoid getting lost when you head for the slopes on your own.

The Best Company

Ski and snowboard instructors are great to hangout with, they are full of incredible stories of their experiences on the mountains and also about their times off the mountains, as many of them practice and teach extreme sports during the summer too!

Find the Best Snow 

 Skiing on the mountain all day every day means instructors know where the best snow conditions are. Don’t ski on ice all week when you could be skiing perfectly groomed pistes, or untouched powder!

A Foodie’s Best Friend

If you love to find the best places to eat wherever you go, then an instructor will undoubtedly be your best friend! They know everything from the best place to have a hot chocolate, to the restaurant with the best lunch and view!

Need Help With Your Equipment?

Getting an honest and informed opinion on your equipment can be difficult, benefit from an instructor’s advice on what will work best for you, simply changing your skis or boots can make all the difference.

Fell in Love With the Resort & Now You Want to Stay?

It happens often that a customer goes to a resort for the first time, falls in love with the place and looks for a property there to come back year after year.  Ski instructors are generally in the know about all the local properties for sale, ask your instructor for the low down on the best deals and avoid the estate agents.

Great Listeners

Do you need someone to vent to about your friends who you’re sharing a chalet with, or just feel like talking to someone? That’s what lift rides are for! After spending so much time with your  instructor, you’ll become friends and during your lift rides together you’ll be able to talk to them and get their great advice, or just share stories.

Become an Expert of the Mountains 

Spending plenty of time in the mountains means instructors have fantastic knowledge of their surroundings, they love to pass this on and will always have time for the complete enthusiast. By the time you leave the resort, you’ll be a total expert and your friends will come to you for advice next time.

By now we’re sure we have convinced you that booking a few hours with an instructor is the best thing you can do for your holidays on the slope. Make sure you always read the instructor’s profile to get to know them a little better and choose the right one for you! 

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